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These are the things that I simply can not live without:

– 2013 Planner by Martha Stewart. BEST. PLANNER. EVAR.
– Pen & erasable highlighter. Yes, erasable. Genius.
– Evolution Of Smooth lip balm — in mint. MMM.
– Altoids. Nuff said.
– Marc Jacob shades. Need this always.
– Kensinginton watch by Nixon.
– Kate Spade wallet. I died when I saw this. But I felt like a winner when I found out it was on sale!
– iPhone4 for all my social needs
– Fingerless gloves that turns into mittens. This thing saves me in the morning.

What’s in your bag?



  • Jennifer young

    i love it, justine! where can i snag a planner? would love to check it out!

  • Kristel

    I can completely relate to you, there are a handful of must have items in my purse. In addition to your list, I must always have my powder, eyeliner, and blush. :)

  • isabella

    Where did you get that agenda? I would love to see what Martha can do with my organizational skills! erasable highlighter…cant believe it. Ditto your genius comment.

    my purse is a mess most of the time, a clutter of papers so i made a couple of felt envelope to stuff all those receipts that are hanging around. other than that: marc jacobs wallet, iphone, pen and tiny notebook, a small makeup bag with mascara, lipstick, peachy pink blush, brown shadow and brushes- because you never know when you’ll need it…has saved me on many occasions

    • admin

      isabella – the martha stewart planner is from staples! a little pricy, but i think it’s worth it :) i love the felt envelope idea – receipts are evil sometimes! looove your bag goodies!

  • Jacqueline @ Upon Wild Stars

    Lovin’ this post. It’s the best feeling, having familiar things with you each day that you love and that help improve the day. I carry my journal around like a bible. It’s my lifeline. Thank you! xo

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