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Knock Knock – Anyone Here?



Yes, I know I’ve been a little MIA over here! But with good news – I am finally taking a first big step into doing a nice little rebrand of my blog. I’ve been needing/wanting this for so long and a nice little opportunity came along that I just couldn’t pass up. Thank you to Your Darling Blog for offering a one-of-kind hand’s on virtual workshop to help me put my skills to play. The workshop is only one week in and it’s already showed me an abundance of knowledge – and most importantly inspiration!

Here is my mood board that I put together to help guide my vision. I am currently going for monochromatic colors (grey, black & white) with hints of color (mint, blush & gold). I am super loving the minimal & geometric feel with lots of good typography. Me + typography = love!

If you are currently thinking of rejuvenating your creativity in any types of projects, whether you’re planning a wedding or remodeling your house, I really do encourage you to put it all out there. Go ahead with your bad self and start pinning away! I love that I will have something tangible to remind myself of the style I want to achieve! :)

Breen Wedding // Paper Good Round Up



Our wedding day may have come & gone, but it’s nice to look back and see the fabrics that made that day come to life. Here is a quick round up on all of the paper goods and invites that helped us accomplish our big day. To save on costs, I skipped on hiring a designer and designed all of the paper goods myself. I’m quite an amateur when it comes to graphic design, but I’ve acquired a few set of skills here & there… And the wedding was a great canvas for me to test these so-called “skills”. Yes, there were times I got overwhelmed & frustrated – but looking back, I now have a great sense of accomplishment (and pride) that these were made with our two hands (and a lot of sleepless nights). When I say that these were a labor of love… it truly was :)

Do you enjoy tapping into your creative side and seeing things come to life?

Late Post // LA Visited



A few weeks ago, my husband & I took a little trip to LA to celebrate his birthday. Typically, we use our birthdays as an excuse to travel :) However, with all of the *expensive* things we are hoping to do this year (house renovation & a trip to London), we decided to keep it cheap. LA it was. We’ve been to many cities before – and even traveled to our favorites more than once, but we never really explored LA even though it’s just right there.

We ate a lot, was stuck in traffic a lot and only scratched the surface on what LA has to offer. Unfortunately, the trip was short lived. We stayed just one night. Some highlights include partaking on some yummy sushi, heading to UCLA to view the drawings of our house, and taking a tour of the Neutra House. All in all, it was a successful road trip to our sister city. Trip #2 is currently in the works.

Live or traveled to LA? What’s your favorite thing to see, eat or do?

Breen Wedding – Photo Recap



Happy two months to my love, my husband! Thank you for leading our relationship into God’s purpose each and every day. But most of all, thank you for trying to inspire me to do the same. I love you!

* * *

I have a slight confession to make. I’ve been hoarding my wedding photos for a few weeks now trying to sum up the most perfect #breenwedding recap post for the blog. I even painstakingly selected a few of my favorite flicks *so hard*, sized them accordingly and wrote up a draft post, ready to be published. But then, our wedding photographer Nick Radford shot us a text tonight linked to his blog. Lo and behold, he recapped our wedding himself… And I couldn’t have done it any better myself! Genius, that guy.

Nick, Jeff (and company) – Thank you for capturing the most beautiful images ever – Straight from the day that meant so much to us. We are so grateful for your creativity, professionalism and friendship. Yes, we’re totally BFF’s now, roiiiight?? :) Love you guys to death.

Now, without further ado – Head on over to Nick’s blog and check out the images.

BRENDON + JUSTINE WEDDING FILM from Jeff Manion on Vimeo.

Wedding Dream Team:
Venue – The Ace Hotel Palm Springs
Photo – Nick Radford
Video – Jeff Manion
Florals – Simply Stems
Dress – Custom designed by D’Marie Couture
Hair – Mish Mucho
Make Up – Beauti On The Go (Brandi McMillan)
DJ – Freeze Frame Entertainment
Singer – Matt Commerce
Invites – Designed by the Bride // Laser Cut + Printed by Candy Spotting
Day of Coordinator – Former Urban Scarlet intern, Courtney Yee

Weekend Gallevanting



Sorry for the lack of posts last week! Common cold + no energy will definitely get ya. This weekend, however, was made for taking a spin up north to Costa Mesa to see what we can get into. We had to do a little Ikea run for some bathroom necessities (we’re redoing our master bath! yay!). We also made our way to a cool furniture shop called Room & Board. We spent an hour in there drooling at all of the lovely *and expensive* furniture that we wish we could afford (story of our lives!). We’ve been really good about bringing our big baby (DSLR) around. Last year, we didn’t document any of our outtings – so sad. So here are a few photos from our little road trip to the OC.

1 – My super fun/good looking hubby. $1 breakfast at Ikea is z best!
2 – Freakin’ loved this southwest style rug. Want this bad.
3 – Being super serious inside R&B – tea and all :)
4 – These Mod Frames are my absolute fave.
5 – Running shoes vs. wedge booties




1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
A week ago, my hubby & I launched a collaborative blog, fittingly called The Breen Haus. It is a little side project of ours to document the highs and lows in renovating our fixer upper. With the new year, we have lots on our “to do” list – including my home office. This little corner of the house isn’t on the top of that list, but we will be working on it off & on as we go. I’ve decided to go with the classic black & white color combo with little pops of color. Above are my two inspiration photos, including some of the fun items I think are necessary to help make this space come to life.

What’s in your dream office?





There is nothing more than I need than the company of my boys — My husband is hilarious, fun to be around and is a great provider. Poncho is my shadow who is constantly attached to my hip and loves burrowing in layers of sheets. I love these two to no end.

Who is your favorite companion?


daily essentials



These are the things that I simply can not live without:

– 2013 Planner by Martha Stewart. BEST. PLANNER. EVAR.
– Pen & erasable highlighter. Yes, erasable. Genius.
– Evolution Of Smooth lip balm — in mint. MMM.
– Altoids. Nuff said.
– Marc Jacob shades. Need this always.
– Kensinginton watch by Nixon.
– Kate Spade wallet. I died when I saw this. But I felt like a winner when I found out it was on sale!
– iPhone4 for all my social needs
– Fingerless gloves that turns into mittens. This thing saves me in the morning.

What’s in your bag?


2013 // happy new year



2012, you have been an amazing year. I got to marry the guy of my dreams, my career continued to challenge me in more ways than one, my friendships remained constant and my husband and I became first time home owners. All of this only because of His grace. Thank you God that Your plans will always be greater than our own!

So truly and very blessed!

As we are counting down the last few hours of the year, I can not help but feel a sense of calm knowing that I am exactly where I am meant to be, with the person who I’m meant to share these days with. 2013, I am so eager to meet you. I have many more goals to accomplish, places to see and friendships to tend to. I can not wait to see what is in store for our marriage as we dive head first into our first year. I know that He will work in many mysterious ways in our relationship. Please keep us head strong, patient and kind to one another. Rough times will be had, but prayer will keep us glued together. And that is a fact. Come what may, we are ready!


Photo By // Nick Radford




Just a few photos from our little honeymoon to Nassau, Bahamas. Good times were had all around! What did we do? A lot of marinating in the Caribbean sun, a lot of stuffing our faces with food & beverages and a whole lot of relaxing! We give the Sandals brand two thumbs up. They got a good thing going on. Planning our next Sandals getaway as we speak (in our heads of course). Turks & Caicos perhaps? Yes, please.


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